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Lagoon jelly / Mattias Ormestad

© Mattias Ormestad

Logbook 17 Aug 2014. Cristina Veresan's impressions from the Arctic Svalbard. Traveling from Hawaii to Arctic Svalbard was a radical change, but I was so eager to explore this pristine, remote region of the world aboard the National Geographic Explorer as... Image credit: Cristina Veresan

Logbook 2 Jun 2014. Cristina Veresan honored with a 2014 Grosvenor Teacher Fellowship. Cristina Veresan, a middle school science teacher at Star of the Sea School in Honolulu (Hawaii) and active volunteer during Kahi Kai workshops, was one of 25 educators from the US... Image credit: Michael S. Nolan / Lindblad Expeditions

Logbook 5 May 2013. Sculpins party from Oregon. Sculpins are the beautiful fish in many of these photographs. These are a diverse family of mostly bottom-living fishes that are related to scorpionfishes. Sculpins are... Image credit: Kim TICE

Article 16 Nov 2011. For our future generations... and the ocean. For the last couple of years, Kahi Kai created calendars, featuring portraits of sea creatures to enhance their beauty, elegance and fragility. By selling them, we were able to... Image credit: Patricia Murata

News 20 Sep 2011. There's no such thing as a jellyfish. Our friend Steve Haddock from MBARI (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute) and founder of Jellywatch has made an interesting video called "There's no such thing as a jellyfish"... Image credit: Eric Roettinger / Kahi Kai Images

Logbook 30 Jun 2011. Gambier Island Biodiversity. The Kahi Kai team has the privilege to be involved in the development of the imaging platform of the Tara Oceans Expedition. On the current trip with Tara around the Gambier Island... Image credit: Eric Roettinger

Logbook 28 Jun 2011. Gambier Island, French Polynesia.... The schooner Tara has reached French Polynesia where she will spend several month. Currently, TARA harbors in Mangareva Islands, the biggest island of the Gambier archipelago.... Image credit: Eric Roettinger

News 9 May 2011. The soul of Kalaupapa. A piece of land trapped between cliffs and the Pacific Ocean, a part of our Earth full of history where easter eggs are substituted with painted coconuts: Kalaupapa. ... Image credit: aldine amiel