Kahi Kai (‘one ocean’ in native Hawai’ian) is an online community designed to connect the oceans of the world by promoting communication and interaction between students, scientists, artists, journalists, politicians, fishermen, divers, surfers and everyone who is interested and committed to the fascinating, mysterious and endagered marine world. Join the Kahi Kai community to establish and reinforce contacts between co-workers, friends and current/future collaborators of the same domains or across disciplines. Connect to people from all around the world sharing one and the same passion…

Kahi Kai — one ocean

Founders & Executive board

Eric Röttinger, Biologist, Photographer and co-founder (Hawaii and France) |     Aldine Amiel, Biologist, Photographer and co-founder (Hawaii and France) |     Patricia Murata, Biologist and co-founder (Hawaii) |     Mattias Ormestad, Biologist and co-founder (France) |     Anuschka Faucci, Biologist, Educational specialist at University of Hawaii (USA) |     Emmanuel Reynaud, Biologist specialized in optics at University of Dublin (Ireland) |     Eva Schmidt, Biologist specialized in optics at Berkeley University (USA) |     Oliver Holler, Biologist and artist at Berkeley University (USA) |     Franziska Glueck, Biologist at the IOW (GER) |     Noan Le Bescot, Biologist at the Station Zoologique de Roscoff (FRA) |