As you can imagine, maintenance and development of the KahiKai community and different projects is not only time consuming but also costly. Encouraged by lots of emails asking us of how to support the development of KahiKai, we decided to design calendars, posters and t-shirts and exclusively use the revenues to develop the KahiKai website, our various photo-projects and support marine related initiatives.

The current revenues will be used to produce educational material for local schools in order to sensibilize our future generations to the marine habitat that we need to preserve.

Thank you for your support. The KahiKai team.

KahiKai T-shirts, caps and jackets are of the very best quality and directly available through our partner Spreadshirt. Different designs/colors are available for men and women at a very special limited price for our KahiKai community.

For fast delivery, please purchase in the shop of your region.

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