Kahi Kai relies on the dedicated and generous support of both individual donors and foundations.

We recognize the value of each contribution given to Kahi Kai, and we work to ensure the maximum possible is used to run our programs and initiatives.

Your gift will make a significant difference in our efforts to raise awareness to the protection of the ocean’s amazing and mainly unknown biodiversity.

Together, we can protect our ocean for the future generations.

Mahalo nui loa!

You can help make a difference by contributing to Kahi Kai and support our various projects:

_Sensitize and educate the public and future generations about the conservation of the marine environment and the biodiversity that inhabits it.

_Promote scientific exchanges and cooperation’s through the creation and provision of scientific tools, seminars and workshops.

_Create a platform for an interactive social network allowing the transfer of expertise and knowledge between the public, politics, sports, arts and marine science.