Article 16 Nov 2011. For our future generations... and the ocean. For the last couple of years, Kahi Kai created calendars, featuring portraits of sea creatures to enhance their beauty, elegance and fragility. By selling them, we were able to... Image credit: Patricia Murata

Article 2 Feb 2011. SECORE - SExual COral REproduction. Coral reefs are among the most diverse and valuable ecosystems on earth. They occur in over 100 countries and support at least a million described species of animals and plants,... Image credit: SECORE

Article 7 Nov 2010. Biodiversity of the Gullmar fjord. This summer, Mattias Ormestad from Kahi Kai was invited as a guest speaker to the EMBO course "Marine animal models in evolution and development" held at the Sven Lovén Centre... Image credit: Mattias Ormestad

Article 15 Sep 2010. A close up into the coral reef: the corallite. From sacred stones to jewelry, from prehistoric time to today, corals have always been an important center of interest for humans. But what are corals? Despite their fragile... Image credit: Aldine Amiel

Article 5 Jul 2010. Gräsö . The island Gräsö lies in the archipelago just outside Öregrund in the northern parts of Roslagen on the Swedish east coast. This is in the transition zone between the... Image credit: Mattias Ormestad

Article 30 Jun 2009. Who has the sanctions hurt but us?. Gaza City, 6 AM. The sun has just risen and the residents of the northern Gaza Strip are once again waking up to the sound of explosions. Every few hundred meters an Israeli naval... Image credit: Catrin Ormestad

Article 23 May 2009. The Last Monk Seals.... Despite numerous warnings to preserve the monk seal species, populations of this wonderful mammal continues to decrease in numbers because threats of poaching, entanglement in... Image credit: Aldine Amiel